Conservation Programs

Community scale conservation means we see healthy wild lands with respectful public access as a critical element of a healthy rural community. To this end, Bull Creek Common Lands works with public and private landowners in a few different ways to protect land in our watershed focus area. We are interested in larger undeveloped parcels, and in smaller parcels that invite connection between neighborhood and wilderness. 

Land acquisitions
For high priority and/or high-risk parcels of land in the Bull Creek and Grassy Brook watersheds, BCCL will evaluate the possibility of acquiring the property to be managed according to our ecological and community goals. In some cases, we will also identify a partner organization to hold a perpetual conservation easement on acquired land. BCCL is also open to discussing donations of relevant parcels into our portfolio of protected lands. 

Private landowner conservation easements
If a landowner is interested in conserving their land while retaining ownership, BCCL is developing a conservation easement offering. With a BCCL conservation easement, the land will be perpetually protected from residential and commercial development, and defined public uses encouraged. An easement can provide exceptions for existing residential and agricultural uses. When the land transfers ownership, the easement will continue with it. We expect a high degree of participation in conservation stewardship from landowners we partner with. Land with a BCCL easement will be visited annually by the BCCL stewardship committee. 

Nonprofit organization conservation easements
BCCL is also developing a conservation easement offering for regional land that is owned or being purchased by other nonprofit conservation organizations. Foundation and public grants for land acquisition often require land to be conserved. BCCL conservation easements will make the conservation of smaller parcels viable even if they are not a fit with a larger land trust’s easements and stewardship priorities. 

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Bull Creek & Grassy Brook Watersheds Map
Bull Creek and Grassy Brook Watersheds Map